10R 280W Moving Head Spot, Wash & Beam – CA280N

CA280N 280W Moving Head Spot/Wash/Beam 3in1

Power supply: AC90V-240V 50Hz -60 Hz
Power consumption: 350W
Light source: 10R 280W YODN
DMX channels?20CHS
Control mode: Auto,Master/Slave,DMX
Control: Microprocessor: high stability anti-interference ability of CPU
Rotation angle: Pan 540 °,Tilt 270 °
Working environment: indoor, -20 ? ~ 50 ?
Color: A color plate, 14 colors + white effect, variable continuously rotating color wheel in any direction can produce a rainbow effect. A rotating prism 16 (do 8 or 24 prism), ladder mirror; can reverse the direction of rotation and having a prism positioning, a fogging mirror.
Rotating gobo plate: 7 Gobos (glass gobo plate)+ white
Fixed gobo plate: 13 Gobos+White
Focus, touch with a rotating display. Optics, the combination of optical lenses, zoom 0-3.9 degrees, electronic focusing 20 meters.
Strobe beat and strobe: Strobe shoot fast action can be quickly interrupted beams, and can achieve 1-10 times per second strobe effect. Another dimming effect.
Zoom: Electronic linear zoom system.
Motor: the built-in microprocessor-controlled precision stepper motor components.
Fan: The fan DC12-24V natural ventilation rate. Fan cooling and thermal protection
Adjustable flash rate
LCD display.
Housing: high-temperature strength plastic shell and metal powder coating technology, streamlined design.
Weigh? 24kg

490,000.00 480,000.00

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